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Sincere condolences to Darryl Shul and Family

Sincere condolences to DARRYL SHULL, Kevin Shull and Lindi Shull and families on the recent passing of their beloved father, Joseph Shull in Atlanta.

Mazal Tov Stanley & Janet Dogon

To STANLEY & JANET DOGON and family on the upcoming marriage of their daughter Lexi to Jason Kniznik, son of Esther and the late Zev Kniznik.  Mazal Tov also to grandmothers Lila Hurvitz & Esther Dogon.

Mazal Tov Neil & Debbie Goodis

To NEIL & DEBIE GOODIS on the birth of their grandson, Mark Lennon Miron.  Mazal Tov to parents, Ellie & Teri Miron, brother David, grandparents Irina & Yehuda Miron and great-grandparents Arkady and the late Mara Strelchik and Lea Miron.

Mazal Tov Edwin & Gail Freeman!

To EDWIN & GAIL FREEMAN on the engagement of their daughter Tammy to Yehuda Sandler, son of Mannie & Linda Sandler of Vancouver, BC.  Mazal Tov also to grandparents DORA & THE LATE MORRIS MIRELS and Mr. & Mrs. Blechman of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mazal Tov Marilyn & The Late Roy Lazer!

To MARILYN AND THE LATE ROY LAZER on the upcoming marriage of their son ERIC to LEXI, daughter of Lewis Mitz & Wendy Posluns and Randy Mitz & Oskar Radjsky.  Mazal Tov to grandparents Hilda Mitz, Mary Wasser and Joyce Posluns.

Mazal Tov Darren & Bev Louis

To DARREN & BEV LOUIS on the Bar Mitzvah of their sons Saul & Ethan.  Mazal Tov to grandparents Rayna & Barry Wilton and the late Kenny Louis and Colleen Baxter and the late Cyril Baxter.

Sincere condolences to David, Menachem and Harvey Feifel & Families

Sincere condolences to DAVID, MENACHEM and HARVEY FEIFEL on the passing of their beloved father, Abraham Feifel.

Sincere condolences to Ruth Falkenstein and Rebecca Braver

Sincere condolences to RUTH FALKENSTEIN and REBECCA BRAVER on the recent loss of their beloved nephew and grandson in South Africa.

Sincere condolences to Robyn Shull and Jonathan Jacobson & Families

Sincere condolences to ROBYN SHULL and JONATHAN JACOBSON AND FAMILIES on the recent passing of their beloved mother, Joyce Jacobson.

Mazal Tov Brenda & Brian Simon

To BRENDA & BRIAN SIMON on the birth of their grandson.  Mazal Tov to parents Jared & Laurie Simon and great grandfather Joe Simon.

Mazal Tov Wilfred & Marcelle Krasin

To WILFRED & MARCELLE KRASIN on the engagement of their daughter Lauren to Jordan Assaraf, son of Karen Assaraf & Mark Assaraf.  Mazal Tov also to grandparents MILDRED KRASIN, Ebie & Hy Himmel and Tsipora & Prosper Assaraf. 

Mazal Tov Levy Family!

To HYLTON & TANYA LEVY on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Noah. Mazal Tov to grandparents Adele Kibel and Bev & Phillip Levy in Durban, South Africa.

Mazal Tov Felice Weltman!

Yasher Koach to Felice Weltman for receiving the UJA Volunteer Recognition Award for her work with DANI.

Sincere Condolences to the Siegal Family

 Sincerest condolences to Jennifer Siegel and family on the loss of their husband and father, Richard Siegel.

Sincere Condolences to Freda Katz

Sincere Condolences to Freda Katz on the loss of her brother, Solly Scher in South Africa.

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