Here’s what you have to do to ensure your child remains safe, comfortable and will enjoy his/her day at camp:

Please send the following items with your child to camp on the first day.  These items will remain in camp all through the summer. 

Please be sure to label every item with your child’s name on it so nothing will get lost:  

  • sunscreen
  • extra change of clothing
  • package of diapers (if necessary)
  • package of wipes (if necessary)
  • package of swimmers (if necessary)

The following items need to be brought to camp each morning and will be sent home at the end of each day, to be washed and brought back for the new day: 

  • towel
  • bathing suit
  • sun hat
  • water shoes (NECESSARY)

Every Wednesday is trip day.  On trip days, please be sure to dress your child in his/her camp t-shirt (available for purchase upon registration or in the camp office).