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Our Rabbi and Executive Director Rabbi Avraham Plotkin

has recently written a new book. 

(Official Page of Seven Conversations with Jerry)

Seven Conversations with Jerry, is an engaging  book about grief, bereavement and the journey of the soul. It is a helpful guide to the afterlife and how to reconnect in a meaningful way to a deceased loved one! It is an easy read couched in a realistic story of a Holocaust survivor and his estranged entrepreneurial son. It imparts some of the most mystical ideas about heaven and the soul, without feeling like a lecture. The perfect gift for someone mourning the loss of a loved one or just searching for a more meaningful life.

The book draws on Rabbi Plotkin's experience over the past 35 years dealing with funerals, shiva houses and counseling families in our own community.  

The book is a great gift for someone who has lost a loved one or for anyone trying to have a better understanding of life and the journey of the soul in the afterlife. 

To order your copy, please click the appropriate links below.  Books are available for purchase in the office for a rate of $26 CDN (a further discount will be made for shul Members). Books are available as well at or or at a bookstore near you.