In following with Covid restrictions and Health guidelines we may or may not be able to go on trips. If trips are not allowed, we will make sure to have extra fun entertainment each Wednesday!

As you will see on the calendar, trips are pre-scheduled for Wednesdays.  Each division is individually organized and buses are ordered to accommodate all campers and counselors.  Sometimes extra space will be available for chaperones, while other trips you may follow our buses and join us at our final destination.

On all trips, we are proud to inform you that along with our usual high ratios, our extended staff comes along for extra hands and eyes.  You may rest assured that your children are well taken care of and will be constantly safe in a fun and loving atmosphere as safety is our number one priority.  As well, we are equipped with cell phones, first-aid kits and all emergency contact information. 

Our staff is fully alert at all times and each staff member is placed at a designated position for that specific trip.  Before every trip day, there is a general staff meeting where our staff is informed in detail of all aspects of the trip, be it scheduling, safety reminders and precautions and designated ratios and responsibilities.

There is a mandatory first aid class that all staff members must attend prior to camp.  We well understand that some parents feel more comfortable chaperoning their children on outside trips.  We welcome and encourage your assistance if you so desire.  PLEASE NOTE: If a parent decides to chaperone, their child no longer falls under our responsibility. To avoid any confusion or misunderstanding, the parent is fully responsible for their child on that trip.

For all indoor trips, if you still wish to come along, then one parent per bunk is permitted.  Priority will be given to a new parent who has not yet attended a previous trip this summer.

At the beginning of each week, a letter will go out informing you of this week’s upcoming trip and all its details.

We look forward to a fun-filled and safe summer with your children.  We thank you for allowing us the pleasure of looking after your children.