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Snacks and Lunch

Snacks and Lunch


Snack Menu

  Day  Morning  Afternoon
 Monday  Cantelope  Cheerios
 Tuesday  Apples  Pretzels
 Wednesday  Cheerios  Crackers
 Thursday  Watermelons  Pretzels 
 Friday  Oranges/Bananas  Shabbos Party Treats

Water will be available at all times throughout the day in the classroom and at all outdoor stations.

Lunch Menu


 Eggs or Chicken Balls w/ Couscous (Alt. Wks)


 Fish Sticks & French Fries


 Sandwiches (Tuna, Jam, Cream Cheese, Plain)


 Pasta & Tomato Sauce




*Lunches may vary on occasion.
Bread, butter (margarine),  cream cheese (tofu cream cheese),
sliced cheese & jam & fresh veggies will always be available.










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